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With over four million people displaced from Syria, a huge number of children there are missing out on education. Samir, Abdulrahman and Mohammed, young Syrian brothers, arrived in Lebanon as refugees four years ago.

A World At School’s film explores their story and talent for rap music. This video-driven campaign’s vital message is that every child has potential but it cannot be realised without schooling.

The 7th Chamber were charged with reaching existing and new supporters of A World At School to join the #UpForSchool movement. Using social media, outreach and highly targeted promotion, our goal was to raise awareness of the charity’s cause, generate engagements around the video and encourage signatures of a supporting petition. 


Partnering with key publications and influencers across four English-speaking territories, an approach was created to achieve the maximum level of exposure. The campaign was further supported by strategic direction and copywriting for A World At School’s own social media channels. 

We delivered:

125,824 video views
11,600 engagements
29 editorial placements

Overall impact:

47.8M potential reach
1.9M social impressions
Placements with key media partners and social media influencers

Syria’s Young Talent:

Influencer video. AreWeKuKuNow: