For Christmas 2015, House of Fraser’s message was #YourRules, meaning it was time to do the holidays your way. Time to break with traditions.

We were tasked with activating prominent bloggers and influencers across the digital space to raise awareness of how to do Christmas differently.

This also includes maximising the exposure of their hugely popular TV commercial across multiple digital platforms.

A targeted outreach campaign was launched to recruit bloggers across multiple verticals. Bloggers drew inspiration from the campaign by creating their own #YourRules content. Alongside this the hugely popular Vlog ‘Draw My Life’ created a video for Grace, the artist whose track featured on the main advert.


Influencer video. Draw my life:

We delivered:

280K vlogger content views
21 editorials supported by 68 social media posts
21,234 social engagements
162% target engagements 

Overall impact:

2.6M campaign reach
2,300 entries generated by Christmas Eve blogger competition