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Prestigious British men’s fashion brand Hackett has a proud history of involvement with Formula One. This lineage, paired with the brand’s sartorial expertise, gives you the makings of a great background for storytelling.    

To celebrate 114 Grand Prix victories for their partner Williams Racing, Hackett produced a unique travel suit that will withstand the demands of life on the road. What better way to show off the suit’s capabilities than enlisting longboard supremo Liam Morgan to take it for a 70mph blast around Paul Ricard racetrack.

Building on the momentum generated by their successful ‘Coolest Pit Stop Ever’ campaign, Hackett again partnered with us to distribute their ‘The 70mph Skater’ video. 


Partnering with key publications and influencers across four European territories, we created an approach to achieve the maximum level of exposure and engagement. The stunning visuals of Hackett’s content found a home on relevant and exceptionally engaged publications.  

We delivered:

340% placement guarantee
876% engagement guarantee
244% view guarantee

Overall impact:

18.4M potential reach
5.33% engagement rate
20K engagements above target

See the The 70mph Skater in action: