House of Fraser, #YourRules


To generate social buzz around the new Fiesta, Ford launched an ambitious online competition calling for creative types to help a video story. 

Viewers were required to submit a storyboard which, if chosen, would become the next chapter of the series.

The 7th Chamber was tasked with finding those within the target Hispanic audience most likely to engage with the campaign and enter the competition. 


A series of Hispanic influencers in the US were activated to promote the competition across social channels, triggering several big Hispanic publications to cover the story. Meanwhile, a highly targeted native video campaign drove viewers to the competition microsite to submit their entries. 

We delivered:

204, 836 video views
21,304 engagements
35 publishers and influencers activated to promote the competition and video series




10M overall reach within a highly targeted Hispanic audience
29,961 clicks to the competition microsite
330 competition entries submitted by Hispanic millenials