If you’re  looking to maximise impact of your well crafted videos and images on social, we’ve packaged up a handful of tips to consider.


Your thumbnail has to speak to people. You want images that highlight your message. Doesn’t hurt if they are also original, unique and have a single focal point.
It is also important to consider the right size, format and percentage of text. Ensure you know the correct sizes for all your planned social channels, ensure visuals are sharp and all text is legible.
If promoting content, keep in mind things like Facebook’s 20% Text Rule.
OK, you’ve got a nice set of appropriately formatting thumbnails, what next?


Using a short and sharp CTA is best, but avoid deceptive language also known as click bait. We like to A/B test multiple CTAs and put efforts behind the best performing ones. You don’t always know best, test.  


Whitespace is a powerful tool to draw viewers' attention to a particular screen element. Surrounding your CTA with plenty of negative space is a very effective and elegant way to make it stand out. 


To prevent viewers wandering on your image, you want to frame the desired area or create a CTA button. Using a button for your CTA draws much more attention to it, making it easier for a viewer to notice and click through.


Use colour to make your CTA stand out from the environment. Multiple researches show that bright colours for CTA perform best, in particular orange, red and green. Depending on your image, you would have to A/B test which colour works best against your background. 


Use visual signs that point to the focal area and help guide viewers to your CTA. These can be arrows, pathways, people pointing or looking in the desired direction.


As much as literally pointing at a CTA can increase click through rate, a great way to drive viewers' eyes to the desired area is using something called a compositional frame. These visual tunnels or encapsulations direct all attention to your CTA.


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About the author
Anastasiia Kucherenko is a senior designer at The 7th Chamber where she's developed their online identity and has helped shape visuals supporting large-scale branded content campaigns.