The iconic American rum brand, Sailor Jerry, wanted to produce films that tapped into the creative, radical and freethinking ambitions of their audience by creating a collection of badass original content.

Informed by our social listening and research, The 7th Chamber constructed a campaign strategy to reach Sailor Jerry’s designated audience. We enrolled a range of storytellers including cult cooking channel, BBQ Pit Boys, and skateboarding maestros, Richie Jackson and Braydon Szafranski. 


We delivered:

540,000 interactions
5.7% engagement rate
5 videos
Multiple interests touchpoints

Sample placements

Richie Jackson

284k Facebook video views
7% engagement rate
8.6k Facebook video likes

Sample comments:

"Sailor Jerry's is my new favorite liquor and it immediately reminded me of the good ol UMD days hahaha"

"This made me love Sailor Jerry's and Ritchie Jackson a million times more"

"sailor jerry has got some rad people behind it"

BBQ Pit Boys

108k YouTube video views
4% engagement rate

Sample comments:

"Just found more of a reason to like Sailor Jerry."

"I KNEW there was a reason to buy sailor jerry!!"

"Sailor Jerry rules , trad style and great pirate rum"