Combining Art & Science

Our creative and data insights teams will work with you to thoroughly understand your target audiences, who they are influenced by and how we can deliver compelling solutions to achieve your campaign goals. 


1. What would you like us to do? 


Produce original content to lead your campaign. Typically video, but could be images, animations or social posts.

See an example here


Amplify your initiative with supportive video which wraps around your campaign assets and messaging.

See an example here


Distribute your video across blogs and social landscape to ignite audience awareness and engagement.

See an example here

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2. Audience Analysis & Influencer Selection 

Using the best in class platforms across social listening and influencer selection. 

audience discovery.png


Our creative team will present you with a number of creative options and a selection of influencers we would recommend to deliver that vision. 


4. Optimise for DISCOVERABILITY 

Influencers post the agreed content across their social profiles, fully optimised for search visibility around specific topics and phrases, along with trackable links.

5. Identify Key Audience Segments 

Through our Audience Intelligence Platform, we identify the precise consumers who are engaging with your content for deeper targeting, tracking and funnel management.  


6. Guarantee Success

We will guarantee your agreed KPI’s across all of your campaigns.